emz filetype

Hi Mark,
What can I use to look at an emz file? it won’t open by extracting.

take care
Don W

if you change the extension from .emz to .gz … does it open in archive manager ?

If so … drag it’s contents out of the archive and see if it will open in something else … maybe LibreOffice.

If you’re still stuck, and it’s not something personal … would you like to email it to me and I’ll see what I can come up with ?


A little digging around suggests EMZ is a compressed Windows enhanced meta-file … so if you change its extension, archive manager should be able to unpack it … inside is an EMF file (though it may not actually have an extension) … and according to this:

LibreOffice can read EMF files if they’re dragged into a blank document.

I opened the Draw program (though Writer would have worked as well), and I dragged the EMF into the document window. Voila! I had a perfect representation of the document sent to the printer.

LibreOffice can save the image as a PDF for distribution, if required.