Epson Aculaser C1100 issue - anyone been down this road

Hi all
Does anyone have any experience troubleshooting this?
It seems to suffer from glitches where a page simply doesn’t print. Like all the best bugs it is sporadic. Sometimes it clears if I pull the power cord out and force the printer to reboot.
Ive downloaded the drivers from … ch/?OSC=LX and reinstalled them by removing the printer and then reinstalling from Administration > printers >add. - yet the issue persists. The fact that it is sporadic and if often cleared by pulling out power cord is really odd - the fact thst is does print sometimes pretty much rules out a hardware issue
Epson are absolutely useless of course - never buy one of their printers again.
Can anyone help - if you need logs or diagnostics please let me know with instruction on how to get them.
I’m on Mint Linux 16 MATE BTW