erasing one os

I am fairly new to linux but I have been experimenting with several distros.
Right now I have Linux Mint and LxLe on my laptop.
I now wish to make mint my sole os. Is there a way to do this without reinstalling?
Thank you for your time

Hi DEmonUK5

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In a nutshell you can delete the LXLE partition leaving Mint as the sole os in gparted but you would need to do this in a live session, first you would have to identify the LXLE partition then delete it, then resize the MInt partition to the fill the unallocated space left by LXLE leaving the swap partition intact

You would be advised to back up any important files to an external drive first any manipulation of the partition table carries the risk of data loss so if you are unsure what you are doing seek further help


Hello Graeme

Thank you for the welcome.
I would need help in this process .
If you could help Iwould be grateful or tell me what section I should put it in.

I’d be happy to help you in any way I can but I’m not sure I’m confident enough to talk you through this step by step, it’s one of those things I can do easily sitting at my PC with only my own data to worry about it’s another thing trying to talk you through it remotely with the risk of losing your data if I get anything wrong.maybe someone else smarter than me will be confident enough to do it

In the meantime if you’ve never used gparted it wouldn’t do any harm to try to learn a little about it first so I’ve posted a link to a tutorial and a youtube video I think will be helpful there are many other youtube videos you can watch

When you’re ready to go post back and myself or someone else will try to help you


Thank you I will read up on it

The caveats here are twofold…

  1. if LxLe is controlling the GRUB bootloader, you’ll also need to reinstall GRUB in Mint (this would ideally be done in Mint PRIOR to deleting LxLe, but can be done via LiveUSB if you’ve already done it and can no longer boot Mint)
  2. Resizing the Mint partition may cause the UUID of the partition to change, requiring you to adjust /etc/fstab in Mint.

Both of these are easily fixed … but as always “easy” is a relative term :wink: