Error message PXE E16 Media test failure ??

I have been given a Viglen Contender PC which has been wiped by the previous owner including the operating system I think. I have downloaded the linux ubuntu -10 file today and saved it to a cd which I put into the Viglen before start-up but I am getting the following error message:
PXE E16 Media test failure
PEX MOP Exiting boot agent

I have opened the BIOS menu by hitting DEL and checked that the Boot Drive is selecting CD ROM as the first option which it is.

What can I do next??

Somewhere in the BIOS you will see a reference to the boot “rom” for the network card, just for a start try turning this off.
(that’s what’s creating the PXE message, I’m guessing you have no LAN cable plugged in?)

However, I would’ve expected it to “fall through” this then try the CD … so it “sounds” like maybe there is a problem with the CD you’ve written. Did you just copy the ubuntu file to the CD, or did you explicitly tell it (whatever you used to burn the CD) to burn an ISO image to the CD?

(if you didn’t specify an ISO image, that’s probably the issue in which case you’ll need to burn another CD with this option turned on …)

As MP says, it sounds like you’ve burned the ISO image to the CD as a file, rather than telling your burning application to burn it as an “image”.

If you can put the CD in an already running PC and check what’s on the disk… if there is only 1 single file called ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-i386.iso (or similar) then you will need to burn another disk.

If you tell us which application are you using to create the CD, we’ll try to provide instructions.

Wow you guys are quick! I did just burn the cd as ‘usual’ so will burn it as an image (hopefully it will make sense when I look at at) and let you know how I get on…fingers crossed!

I have checked the disc and it looks like there is only one file but the type is listed as an image file. I have windows 7 and am using that to burn the cd - I have tried looking for other burn options but cannot see anything obvious?

Your best bet would be to download ImgBurn on your Win7 box (it’s free):

Install it, then see here for instructions on how to burn an image with ImgBurn:

on the second picture, where it says Write Speed: AUTO … change that to 4X
and put a tick in the Verify box.

Many thanks to you both!
I changed the boot rom option and that got rid of the error message.
Downloaded the burner, burnt the file properly and it is all now installing on the pc wonderfully.
You are both legends!