Error occurs warning that it does not match the server's certificate.

At my work environment we have some PC labs. In these research centers every PC has the working framework windows and linux. The two frameworks are in our AD area.

I completed a lab of tests and I have an utilitarian linux server. I put a few hubs/specialists as root and Everything working superbly when I run puppet operator - t.

The issue:

When I sign in with an area client (e.g: xiru) on linux machines and run the linux operator - t direction, another testament is created, however a mistake happens cautioning that it doesn’t coordinate the server’s declaration.

For the domain users, the puppet creates the new certificate on the path:


Linux machines names in the test:

I try set certname variable on the puppet conf, but the error remains.

certname = mint-client.mycompany.intra

server = puppet.mycompany.intra

How can I get around this and make it always with the same certificate that I configure via root user?