Exploiting Java.

Just saw this article on The Register;

This sentence caught my eye;

"...found that it could just as easily be used to attack machines running Linux or Mac OS X, given the appropriate payload."


The good news is that most (if not all) Linux distributions don’t use the Oracle JRE 1.7 by default :slight_smile:

That’s true.

It’s nice to see we are now included in everyday conversation :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s true too … though it might have been nicer/truer if they said Linux users are safe unless they’ve specifically/manually installed the Oracle JRE 1.7 :wink:

But I suppose that’s also true of Windows and OS X users … so I’ll let them off :slight_smile:

Maybe they kept it vague for a reason, you don’t want to blow their fuzzy little minds too soon!

Vague, as in we’re not 100% sure we know what we’re talking about ? … or vague, as in we don’t think you (readers) know what we’re talking about, so we can say what we like ?

Hmm that’s a tough call.

OK, lets call it … “We’re not 100% sure we know what we’re talking about, and hope you don’t either” :wink:


“Let’s see how many Linux users we can suck into the comments section”.

That’s what I hear every time a politician opens their mouth.

What I hear is … “you know that question you just asked, well I’m going to answer a completely different one with a question of my own, so I don’t have to answer yours”.

Isn’t deflection the primary function of a politician ? … it’s certainly not law making, uplholding, or administration … that’s for civil servants…

and then there’s Boris Johnson, who deflects by playing the blithering idiot (or maybe he just IS one) … a tactic that seems to have taken him a long way in politics :slight_smile:


Mark my words … the future of politics is to have dribbling nut jobs as front men, who couldn’t answer questions if they wanted to, and would have trouble spelling something as simple as “potato” … oh, wait…

Sorry, I’m not feeling benevolent towards politicians today … I had a wireless adapter fail last night, and it’s a conspiracy I tell you, a conspiracy.
It’s not the adapter failing that annoyed me … it’s the fact that after hours of testing, and ordering a replacement … it sprang back to life all on its own … they’re out to get me, both of me, those damned aliens … now where did I put that tin foil hat.

I did install Oracle Java… but then I disabled it. Java is horrible.

The politicians of this country honestly are a joke. There’s a reason why I’m going after an administrator position with the government. Because BIG MONEY & HIGH PENSION SCHEMES!

Anyway, they’re out to get me too. I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:

Looks like Oracle choose to ignore the Java bugs:

Oracle engineers were briefed on critical vulnerabilities in the Java software framework more than four months before the flaws were exploited in malware attacks that take complete control of end-user computers, according to a published report.

Oracle doesn’t care … what a surprise :o

For those that have trouble recognising sarcasm … see above :wink: