Ext3 partition doesn't seem to have grown after resizing


I’ve had a failing hard drive (bad sectors) so I bought a brand new one and moved my existing partition set from the old using GParted. Since new hard drives come in larger capacities than those installed in a few years old laptop, I have resized some of my partitions including the root of my Linux system.

The layout of my HDD is: 1 primary (ntfs), 2 extended, 5 linux (ext3, root), 6 (swap), 7 (fat32).

After successfully ddrescue-ing the old hard drive, I prepared the new one with empty partitions using GParted and then copied the partitions from the dump file to the new partitions. It all went good.

Strangely, the Linux root doesn’t seem to have grown. There is a difference in what is reported by GParted and df. GParted says the size is 48.84 GB (that’s what I resized it to) and only 5.21 GB is free which is quite strange, because before resizing the partition was only 28 GB. In contrast, df reports the old size and only 3.9 GB free.

Any suggestions would be welcome


Additional information:

marekful@marekfu-t61:~$ uname -a
Linux marekfu-t61 2.6.32-38-generic #83-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 4 11:13:04 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux

GParted 0.5.1
libparted : 2.2

Doesn’t sound like the resize worked properly … boot from your ubuntu cd, select try, then do;

fsck -f /dev/sda5
resize2fs /dev/sda5/

Or similar, amend as required …

Thanks for the reply!

I’ve already done fsck -f on the partition, nothing changed.
Do you mean issuing the resize2fs w/o any params?

Ps: when I used GParted to copy the old root partition into the new, there was a part saying growing file system to fill the partition. Why might that has not done it properly?

Not really familiar with gparted, however resize2fs with a drive and no options will expand the fs to fill the partition …