External monitor for my Asus notebook

Hey guys I am looking to buy an external large monitor to plug into my Asus notebook that runs on Peppermint 9. I thought it’d be a cheaper option than spending months and months saving up for a bigger laptop and also the screen will be bigger ( I need a large screen to do online tutoring using video conferencing like Skype). The notebook is pretty cool, having a touch screen and has all the cool Linux features ( some which even my Chromebook won’t do) so it seems daft to me to buy yet another laptop. I’ve already got 3! ( An old Dell notebook too running on Mint!). All it needs really is a bigger screen and one day I’ll get an SSD drive put into it. A big monitor is the ideal solution.

I’ve seen this one and would like to buy it but was wondering if you’d mind having a look and letting me know if it’d work on my notebook?


I would be using an external speaker or on headphones.

Here is my Asus notebook:



You do realise that’s 4:3 and not 16:9 widescreen ?

I hadn’t thought about that. What about this one? It’s widescreen. Will it work?


Oh they can also send a square one and you cannot choose, just seen in blurb below. What about this one? It has the VGA cable with it ( which I assume is all I need since plugging it into netbook?)


Yep, can see no reason that Viewsonic shouldn’t work, as long as the VGA port on your laptop works … have you tested this ?

According to the ebay page they come with a VGA cable, but not a power lead … so make sure you have a spare standard ‘kettle’ power lead (aka. a mains power lead with an IEC C13 or IEC320C13 plug if you want it’s technical designations).

Here’s what one of those looks like, in case you’re not sure
(I’m not suggesting you buy that one … just showing you what it looks like for your reference)

Thanks for your reply Mark. No, not tested the VGA cable on the notebook as have nothing to test it with, but I have no reason to think it wouldn’t work as my bro ( who gave it to me) had taken good care of the notebook and it’s in good condition. He hardly used it! All its other ports work fine.

I saw that it needs a power lead yes, and know the type you linked, but will have to get one as I haven’t got one of those as its years since I had a desktop computer.

Mark I just found a widescreen 19 inch Dell monitor with both cables for £28.97 so bought it.


So to get the screen to work on the notebook, I presume you just plug the mains cable into the mains, then the VGA into the notebook and it should just come on? Is there any settings I would need to set up?

Yeah pretty much.

You may need to reboot with the monitor plugged in … or set it as the primary monitor in the display settings … but yeah.

That’s one of those weird 16:10 resolution monitors rather than the more normal 16:9, personally I’d probably have gone for the Viewsonic (3" bigger, 1080p, and 16:9) but the Dell should work too.

Thanks- I’ll have to look at the monitor settings to see where that would be. I’m planning to switch it on over the weekend as I’ve a load of scanning to do so can look then. I’m mostly on my Chromebook for my main computer- just love how quick it is with the SSD drive and that its battery lasts 8 hours so I can move it about.

Oh just seen this:

That's one of those weird 16:10 resolution monitors rather than the more normal 16:9, personally I'd probably have gone for the Viewsonic (3" bigger, 1080p, and 16:9) but the Dell should work too.

What do you mean by “weird resolution monitors”? How’s that make a difference?
I liked the fact that it was a lot cheaper, still looks smart, is wide screen and had both cables.

Ok I looked it up. Seems a lot of people like 16:10 cos you get more vertical space which is better for documents. 16:9 is geared to match watching HD films. Since I’m gonna be using the monitor mostly for online tutoring and work related stuff seems it will be great for me. I doubt I’ll be bothered enough to spend time setting it all up just to watch dramas on Netflix/you tube- the Chromebook streams faster than the notebook and the screen is big enough for me for that. Not had a TV for over 10 years so am used to watching on a laptop. When I’m at my mother’s watching her TV it feels like I’m in the cinema lol.

The monitor arrived and works great! Just plugged it into the notebook and it worked instantly. Screen resolution is fine!

Cool :slight_smile:

Yes, makes the netbook much more nice to work on!