Extracting files- question to Mark

Hey Mark do you remember me mentioning I was buying a down loadable piano course with music files and I sent you the emails the chap sent me regarding Linux? I downloaded the ones for ipad that another Linux user told the guy that worked but I don’t know how to extract them. Screen grab of the files is in the attachment.

EDIT: It has now opened- I downloaded them again and tried again- think it didn’t download right first. Everything works- mp3s, videos and pdfs!

Great news :slight_smile:

The amount of IT skills I am learning from you Mark- I’m getting to know more all the time! I’m very grateful for you Linux guys! I always mention at interviews I can use two operating systems- Linux and Microsoft lol. Most people seem to think Linux users are clever- in your case it’s true anyway!

Most people seem to think Linux users are clever … probably because we are :wink:

I like to think we think a bit out of the box. :wink: