I have just acquired yet another desktop ripe for Linuxing before giving it away.
Upon booting, the usual POST displayed the useful information that pressing F2 would get me to the settings facility - I ignored it and let XP take its time to start just to see if any interesting s/w might persuade me to dual boot. But no, so…

I rebooted awaiting the F2 invitation in order to change the boot priority - but after a brief flash of POST the system went straight to XP. Hmmm.
Rebooted again whilst tapping F2. Same again. Hmmm2.
Tried F12, etc. Same again.

Any ideas on how I can access the settings menu? I don’t mind wiping the disk to get there.

OK, most old desktop PC’s used the “Del” key to access the BIOS.
(just thought I’d mention that in case F2/F12 was a guess)

But if it definitely mentioned F2 as the key …

Is this a desktop or Laptop ? … if laptop, what make/model ?

If desktop, are you using a USB keyboard ? … and does the PC have a PS/2 kyboard socket ?
(a lot of old motherboards would ignore USB keyboards until the OS loaded a driver for them … so you couldn’t use them to access the BIOS, only a PS/2 keyboard would work for that)

And don’t wait for an invitation :wink: … turn on the PC and immediately start hitting F2 (may be better to just hit and hold F2 … at the very least it might start to beep thinking there’s a keyboard error which at least tells you it’s recognising the keyboard)

'Twas the Delete key!
I shall dual-boot install Ubuntu for now as a mate of mine has an interest in some s/w but I expect to come back for advice on recovering the XP partition for the extra space.

Many thanks, as usual Mark.

You’re most welcome :slight_smile: