Just a suggestion… and one i’d really like to see, is the Facebook plug-in for sites. I want a “like” button, so I can like this forum :D!
Think it’d be a pretty cool feature to intergrate into the site as well, seeing as it’d possibly bring more users? Just my theory.

I’ve been passing the link though :P.

I wouldn’t have a clue how to do anything with facebook…

I’ve been doing a little fiddling with FB for the past couple of weeks, and I’ve discovered how websites add the ‘Like’ button. FB themselves actually provide HTML code for anyone to integrate their website. All you have to do is go to this site:


and select the ‘Like’ topic, enter the url you would like to like, set a few other parameters to customize, and it spits out ready-to-paste html code. Of course, this means you’d be opening the door for tons more traffic on this site to facebook, and vice-versa. Which, given the exact nature of the average Linux user, could be cause for alarm, and a potential risk to their anonymity. But if you guys made a group page, I’d ‘Like’ it, anonymity be darned!

And I just checked; there are three people that are sharing your guy’s link on FB. If you guys made a group page (from what I understand, also a relatively simple procedure) you guys could really hook into people, both those who are interested in trying Linux for the first time, and seasoned pro’s who also happen to hang out on FB.


What do you think Mark?

Not my call, but I’ll make MP aware of this topic… the final call is his to make.

And like previously mentioned I would have no idea how to set up or maintain a Facbook page/account/group etc.

If someone who does understand Facebook would like to do/maintain this, I’m sure MP would be open to the idea and include the “like” code :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ve added a like button … posts through to Facebook, but facebook is linking back to the wrong page … just looking at that now …

First off, sorry if I’m about to throw a cat among the pigeons. While I am not an uber-political free software activist, I do follow the debates on all these things quite closely. In this forum we are, I think connected by a common denominator:- free software (although we probably all use free(as in libre) software for different reasons). As such I thought it might be interesting to throw this article on the FSF website into the facebook discussion:- Why you should #DeleteFacebook — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software There are some potentially disturbing undercurrents mentioned here, which show facebook and Mark Zuckerberg as taking a decidedly unethical direction…

It certainly made me think a bit (and actually stop using facebook altogether!)

Well, the button is now there and as far as I can tell it’s working, and the links from FB back to the site seem to work Ok now.

:: One of the key differences between Open Source projects and Closed Source companies, Open Source projects respect (mostly) other companies right to choose how they operate in the industry. We respect the right of Microsoft for example to do their utmost to ensure that Microsoft systems remain as incompatible as possible with Linux (although I hear that M$ are about to provide Linux support to VSphere users), and we respect the right of Apple not to support flash on their mobile devices. (we just laugh when we hear about all the things iPad users can’t access … while tapping away on our Android devices and sending them PDF’s of what they can’t see … :wink: )

If FB want to behave unethically (as it’s claimed companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Google and Apple may have done this year) surely it’s just another big name to add to the list?

If you’re going to stop using every unethical Internet company … well … you may obsolete your broadband connection … :wink:

It has to be said you have a point.
That list is getting very long indeed, and perhaps a little more mutual respect may go a long way to smooth things in general. :smiley:

As noobuntu says above, there’s nothing better for spreading a message. I represent a couple of small local businesses with a tiny online presence. Just regular use of facebook (and to a lesser extent twitter) have been wonderful marketing tools for both enterprises, and made a noticeable difference. What bothers me more than anything are the hinted at connections between FB and the American Intelligence/ Defence departments (The guardian I think ran quite an interesting article to that effect). On the other hand, I guess that’s the general direction these things are moving in. If you can’t beat 'em… :-\

Well I’m litterally on Facebook 24/7… I manage a few pages on there, and I know how to run them as well, so I’d be more than willing to help out.

Yup, one of those guys would be me ::). There is certainly a great deal of potential to reel in some new users or people who just want to learn more.

… So, what’s required to set up an FB group??

… Who’s going to do it ??

… Is there anything else I need to tweak on the Forums … ??


What’s required? Go here good sir.


I you want, I’ll happily create the page for us all to enjoy, (I would recommend you guys make a facebook account, so I’ll be able to add you’se as members).

And AFAIK, there is nothing else required to be tweaked on the forum, unless ofcourse you guys decide to make an app, or something.

There does seem to be one thing to tweak on the forums. . . Usually the first post on every topic includes a “Like” on facebook. Wouldn’t it be better to have it fixed on the home page too, perhaps? Right under the title in smaller letters?

Going to agree with this… Should definitely have one on the home page too.