Fan running when online only (SOLVED)

This is really more nuisence value than a problem as such and It’s been a nuisence for a while but I’ve never really bothered about because it’s on my Grand-Daughters PC (Peppermint 3) which is only used when she stays with us at the weekend, but I’ve had to set up a temporary account on it for the missus meantime because her PC packed up (motherboard) , the problem is that the fan runs full blast as soon as she goes on the internet and runs continually, it never runs at any other time even running video or music playback only on the internet

This is a PC I built myself with a cheap motherboard I got from ebay so it’s quite possible I’ve done something wrong but it works perfectly in every other respect

It’s not really a huge deal but it would be nice if it can be sorted

any help or advice would be much appreciated

Many thanks


First off, have you got any way of monitoring the temperatures?
It is possible that it is running hot because poor thermal connection between the heath sink and the CPU.
If you have not already got then install lm-sensors:

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

then run (add any modules it recommends):

sudo sensors-detect

after that just run:


if you can rule that out then try a different browser. It could be down to the flash you are using

Hi SeZo

Thanks again

I’ll try these things later this evening after work, I think we can rule out flash because I don’t have to be using flash it instantly starts running as soon as I open any webpage.

But anyway I’ll post back later with the results

Many thanks


It’s probable that the fan has no speed control … it’s either ON full blast, or OFF … this can be because of the motherboard, or indeed just that fan itself has no way of detecting its own speed and passing this back to the Mobo (usually you can tell if the fan only has 2 wires instead of three).

Once you’ve set up lm-sensors and you have some way of detecting temps … we might want to take a look at fancontrol

See here:

and more in-depth:

WARNING - fancontrol will turn off your fans for a short period whilst it tests their capabilities, be SURE to check they came back on otherwise you could SERIOUSLY damage your PC … YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED

Hi guys

This is all the output I get

family@Linux2 ~ $ sensors
Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:        +53.0°C  (crit = +90.0°C)

family@Linux2 ~ $ 

I don’t believe this but I’ve had this issue with this PC since i built it close to a year ago and it’s been a constant pita, and now today the fan hasn’t kicked in once , even running you tube videos, and the same day I decide to report it on here it stops, how f@@k@@g embarrasing is that


You frightened it into submission :slight_smile:

No I didn’t frighten it into submission, but I’m almost 100% certain I know what I did do and I’m too embarrassed to tell you :-[


OK nothing can be more embarrassing or make me roll around the floor than that last posting ;D … or maybe it can ?

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Ok the attached screenshot really says it all

The PC on the right is Chloes PC (the one that’s fan was running constantly), the PC on the left is the wifes PC it finally packed up yesterday with a faulty motherboard, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the fan on Chloes PC stops running when the PC next to it is switched off completely

need I say any more

Go on have a good giggle :slight_smile:


hahaha … lemme guess, the fan intake happens to be on it’s left hand side ::slight_smile:

hahaha ... lemme guess, the fan intake happens to be on it's left hand side ::)

You got it :-[

That is brilliant. Engineered for failure… ;D

Hey, it keeps the dust out … I’m gonna tape up all the holes on mine :slight_smile:

That is brilliant. Engineered for failure.. ;D
Hey, it keeps the dust out .. I'm gonna tape up all the holes on mine :)

That’s right go on mock the afflicted :frowning:

C’mon … you knew it was coming :slight_smile:

C'mon .. you knew it was coming :)

Well yeah I suppose I did but you could have give me a break and said something like “easy mistake to make” or " I did that’s once" but you just can’t help yourself can ya :slight_smile:

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You're a big brave Scot .. I'm sure you can take it.

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