Fast Browsing

Hi guys.

For those of you with Netbooks, I’m sure you most of you will have received the device with FIreFox as
your default browser.

Firefox is a great browser and it renders web pages great but it’s not the quickest browser, especially for
netbooks with lower processing power then desktops.

If you want a little extra speed then check out Chrome or Opera.

Opera has improved significantly in the latest version and it’s blistering quick.

John M


I too have become a Chrome fan (Opera not so) , however have spent most of today swearing at Google. They have a massive memory leak in all the current versions of Chrome, at least the ones running on Linux. (not tried Windows … obviously)

If you want to confirm this for yourself, visit the Google visualisations /charts demos and find the “Gauge” demo … then press the up/down buttons for 3-4 mins … if you watch “top” on a second Window, it won’t be long before that process crosses the 1G memory usage boundary.

(it happens on my new application, spent half a day trying to find the leak in my code … works perfectly on FF)

Work netbook, not allowed to use Chrome yet… stuck with firefox for the moment. (Need nagios plugin for firefox)

I still have trouble trying to install Chrome.

Install Google Chrome in what?.. We’ll need a bit more information, as it’s in ‘netbooks’ I’m guessing an Asus EeePC or Asus Aspire One?.. Which distro?