Father’s Computer

Hi, my father passed away on Friday and unfortunately none of us know how to get into the 3 hard drivers that he used as he uses Linux. I have found most of his passwords though. Are there any specialists that will be able to help, even just to show us how the systems work?
Thank you for any help.

Hi Jules, sorry to hear about your father.

Are these external hard drives ? … and are you trying to access them from a Windows PC ?
(Windows won’t be able to read the Linux file system without some additional 3rd party software)

Probably the best way to access them would be to create a Linux LiveUSB, boot to it, and use that to copy off any files you want to keep to an external hard drive that has a Windows file system.

The other option might be to install one of these three pieces of software in Windows
that should allow Windows to read the Linux file system (supposing the drives are using the EXT4 file system, which is most likely).

If however you’re able to boot into the installed Linux (using one of your fathers passwords), it would be pretty easy to copy off any user documents/pictures/music/etc. to an external hard drive (or USB stick) that can be read by Windows … are you able to boot into Linux ?

Hi Mark
Thank you on both counts. I am using my Dad’s computer but the passwords that he has left don’t match all the hard drives (about 6-8). My brother has tried but given up today.
Thought there might be an expert who would be able to look at these and help.
I have a Mac so wouldn’t even look at trying to open the drives on my laptop.
Hoping I can help Mum get everything.
Thanks again.


I’m not understanding what you mean by

I am using my Dad’s computer but the passwords that he has left don’t match all the hard drives (about 6-8)

Are you saying that you’re booted into your fathers Linux PC ?

if so, you should be able to access the other drives without a password.

Do you know which distro/version of Linux you’re using ?
(eg. Ubuntu / Fedora / Mint / Arch / etc.)

Are you able to open a terminal ?

If you’re looking for someone local to help (rather than me help you through it online), where in the UK are you ?

Thanks Mark for your help. I found a local company and all is sorted now.
Thank you ?

Great news Jules, happy to hear you got what you needed :slight_smile: