Fbpanel + Openbox

I’m trying out various window managers at the moment. I have got openbox running at this particular second and my random backgrounds are working but oh lawd fbpanel is ugly, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it not ugly I tried editing the default profile in ~/.fbpanel/default but it still looks pretty awful. For one thing, I would prefer it on the side, but when I put it on the side all the icons become squashed up and distorted looking, the clock is hidden except the middle bit etc.

I’ve seen screenshots of people managing to make the panel look good so it must be possible. Oh I haven’t manage to get it really transparent, only fake transparent, despite the fact I made my terminal transparent so transparency is definitely working.

I have no idea what fbpanel is, but it sounds suspiciously like something to do with fluxbox which AFAIK is based on openbox.
Maybe this posting (and my response) may point you in the right direction:
in particular, the bit about Alpha:255 (transparency)

This may also help:

Tried fluxbox earlier in the day, the alpha thing was indeed related to transparacy but it seemed awfully complicated to make it work properly. Openbox doesn’t have a menu like that anyway.

I’m getting fed up of panels. I think they all look pretty ugly. I wonder how easy it is to do without them.
Main problem is getting at the things normally found in the “notification area”. Everything else I can think of another way to access.

With regard to that config file… I am getting the impression fpanel ignores half of it and just assumes I want anything that was in my gnome panel to be in the panel.

Ah well anyway, I tried replacing the whole panel concept with a dock concept, which seems to have …I dunno, I still find it clutters the screen. But its better than the panel…

Yeah, its slowly becoming the way I want… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Personally, I use Openbox, but don’t bother with a panel. Have you tried pypanel instead?

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