File monitoring task

A) Provide an outline of which directories and files that you consider should be monitored for changes along with an indication of which changes you would monitor and how you would monitor them.
B) Provide a summary of available tools and utilities, both open source and commercial, that would help with this task. Your summary should include an indication of cost, complexity in use and complexity in setup.
C) Develop a script or program that will implement at least some of the functionality required to support your analysis from (A). This script should keep a log of any changes found. The script or program can be written in C, PERL, shell script or any other language that will execute on a GNU/Linux system.
I’m having trouble with developing a suitable shell script for task c and i’m running out of time before the submission? Is there anyway who guide me in the right direction?

You’ll have to offer more than that … your questions are unanswerable without a LOT more context…

a) Dunno, because I have ZERO idea what the context of the question is … webserver ?, running which services ?, serving what ?, hosted and accessed how ?, which directories are being served ?, are people allowed to upload ?, what are you monitoring for (access/failure/hacking/statistics/etc.) ?

b) See “A”

c) See “B”

And if you’re just after help with questions “C”, how can people help without knowing your responses to “A” and “B” ?

Its basically to show how you might monitor important system directories in a GNU/Linux operating system for any changes in files or directories.
sorry for not mentioning that

Is this homework?

inotify and incron can monitor/notify changes in a directory