File sharing (Solved)

Hi All - apologies if this has been asked before but I’m having a problem with the above…

There are 2 users on my Mint 17 pc - self and wife - and both are ‘Administrator’ accounts. I have a pile of photos in my ‘Pictures’ folder which said wife wishes to access and have a dabble with. I’ve tried several ways of copying them across to her account or sharing through ‘Public’ folders but can’t get it to work? I’m sure it’s really a simple matter (if you know how ::)) but even googling the problem hasn’t helped!

Could anyone please furnish a simple method I could follow?



Any reason you don’t just right-click your “Pictures” folder, then select “Make Link” … then copy the link to her home folder ?

Well, I hadn’t seen anything about that method before… but I’ve just tried it and, though I can make the link at my end and ‘copy’, when I navigate to her home folder ‘paste’ is greyed out… ???

You don’t have permission to write to her folder

log onto HER account, then navigate to YOUR home folder, and copy the link … then navigate to HER home folder and paste the link.

You’ll probably need to change permissions on your “Pictures” folder, otherwise she won’t be able to write to it.

To do this, log onto YOUR account and run:

chmod -R 777 ~/Pictures

anyone should now have read/write permission to that folder.

The other option would be to add her to YOUR group

Thanks Mark - that worked! Easy when you know how… :wink:

This is the sort of stuff I need to learn (ref: my thread about Zorin upgrade) ::slight_smile:



No problem … please remember to mark the topic (SOLVED)

TIA :slight_smile: