File sync software on Ubuntu 15.10

Hello all,

Question regarding file sync software for Ubuntu 15.10. What should I use and how do I install it? Remembering that I barely get around terminal and don’t understand the language.
I use a seagate external network drive and a plug in version too (paranoid about data loss or what?).
I’ve tried free file sync and this keeps coming up with some errors on JPEGS - stuff like ffs.tmp ? and so will not copy all files.

I have tried and failed to install good sync and synkro and a host of others. Their instructions are not clear and I cannot get them installed.

Any and all help would be mightily appreciated.

And, I’ve installed insync Google Drive client. Works really well but, at start up it says the app is running and will be closed but it isn’t running and I can’t find it to close. I have to move to trash and reinstall. Again, any experience.advice?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Jason

My choice would be grsync it has easy to understand GUI with most of the options you need for simple syncing of folders but I don’t think it will scheduled backups but if that’s not important to you grsync could well be what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in the repos or from the terminal

sudo apt-get install grsync

Good luck



Thanks a lot. I’m giving it a go.
Just installed Deepin on Dual boot and it was in their app store so giving it a go now.

Appreciate your time.


You might like to check out “owncloud” … this can run in a VM or on a stand-alone machine … comes with a Linux client, not unlike Google Drive, except that you effectively run your own server and don’t give Google access to all your stuff, or have to pay Google storage surcharges.

Does background sync pretty much in real-time …

Thanks Mad Penguin?!

Will look into that.