Filesharing between Linux & Window$ - HOW

I recently took the plunge and replaced mine & Mrs pookys old second-hand Window$ laptops and bought new ones. I had the full intention of wiing Window$ and installing Kubuntu on both but (yes, there had to be a but). It’s kinda grown on us so, we decided to leave Window$ on and make them dual-boot systems. The only problem there is, I have no idea how to make them dual-boot systems.

I know this is ‘Shared Filesystems’ forum but that was just a little history.

I have a Kubuntu 14.04 Desktop and I want to be able to share files between the desktop and the 2 laptops, also between the 2 laptops themselves.

Can anyone give me step-by-step instructions please?

Forgot to mention, the first obstacle I encountered was the UEFI one. I tried switching it off in BIOS but it seems I was unsucessful.
I have got an HP Pavilion Intel Core i5-7200U CPU 2.5Ghz 2.71Ghz 8Gb Ram

So what exactly is the problem ?

In your file manager if you go to “network” (network:///), is the network not browsable ?

Have you actually shared any folders in either Windows or Linux) ?

and where does UEFI come into this ?

I don’t know how to go about setting up sharing between Win & Ubuntu

I typed in ‘network///’ and I got a message ‘You’ll need a new app to open this network’
(If you’ve not figured, I’m using Window$10)

No, that’s why I am asking for help.

and where does UEFI come into this ?

If you read what I wrote correctly, you will see why I mentioned UEFI. It has NOTHING to do with the networking problem, after the first paragraph, I wrote;

I know this is ‘Shared Filesystems’ forum but that was just a little history.
I’ve created a new thread for that problem.

I know sod all about KDE, but if you install kdenetwork-filesharing and samba

sudo apt-get install samba kdenetwork-filesharing

then log off/on (or reboot)

When you right-click on a folder in your home folder such as “Public” and select “Properties”, do you have a “Sharing” tab ?

samba kdenetwork-filesharing was already installed
And, yes, there IS a ‘Share’ Tab.

What next? (I’m just being cautious).

As I said, I know sod all about KDE so you’re gonna a have to help me out here with either an explanation of the options available or a screenshot.

'Fraid I don’t even know where to start.

A screenshot of a folders “Properties” > “Share” tab would be a good start.

I decided to Google the problem and found THIS.
I Haven’t attempted to set up sharing from Window$ to Kubuntu yet, so the problem is HALF solved.

I have a screenshot for you, Mark, if it will help.

Not got it working properly yet, it’s downloading the screenshot instead of opening it in a browser window

Screenshot Here

It’s working OK now.

Could you recommend a good online storage that is free and will let me display the image in a forum rather than open another page like I’m currently using. I did use Imageshack but they went to subscription only.

Host images on IMGUR
then you can just post the URL between IMG tags and the image will display in the forum.