fire fox 8

Hi all i have an acwe aspire one running limpus lite.
i followed the brilliant thread on how to upgrade to ff7 and it worked fine. then disaster!! it updated itself to fire fox 8!! now nothing works, real slow. Any ideas what to do, i’m gonna need a dummies guide i think because linux is not easy on the novice!
many thanks

If the problem is Firefox 8, and not that you’re running out of drive space, then running the instructions for Firefox 7 again should work … then just don’t accept the update.

Thanks Mark, i did what u said and now running 7 again, perfect!!
cheers, john

Firstly - You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Secondly - Yes I’ve also noticed Firefox 8 doesn’t seem to like certain pages when installed in Linpus Lite, I haven’t worked out exactly which page elements are causing the issue, so for now I’ve also gone back to Firefox 7.0.1

I’m going to post instructions to go back to Firefox 7 that will not allow an upgrade to FF8 … effectively they are the same as you just did, but without the chown command for the /opt/firefox directory … this will allow you to RUN firefox, but not UPGRADE it.

If you want instruction that will stop a future automatic upgrade, just ask :slight_smile:

hi Mark
yeah that would be great, it hasnt tried to upgrade to ff8 again since but i’m sure it will ;). it seems to like ff7, so think i should stick with it eh. Any instructions would be appreciated, thanks

OK, change the owner of /opt/firefox to root … to do this, open a terminal and run:

sudo chown root -R /opt/firefox

Now restart Firefox … though this shouldn’t really be necessary.

Now even if you accidentally open Help > About Firefox … it won’t automatically update itself, because you are running Firefox as “user”, but it would now need “root” permission to modify anything in the /opt/firefox directory :slight_smile:

This doesn’t affect add-ons, bookmarks etc … they should all still work, and you can still add new ones, as these are stored in your “user” home directory.

thanks again mark
done that, that should sort that problem for me
cheers, john

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

I’ve modified the Firefox 7 installation instructions to leave out a particular command if people don’t want it to automatically update to Firefox 8, and put in a warning that Firefox 8 may cause them problems :slight_smile:
(see the EDIT in red)