Firefox has changed do not track me to Blur

Has anyone had any experience of Blur? I read online that it slows the browser down a lot and that it charges you when you make a payment on your debit card…
I have noticed a lot more spam in my email inboxes lately- I had very little when do not track me was going…

A quick look at the Blur plugin doesn’t suggest it charges you (but I have no experience with it so I’m not sure), but if you have an doubts DITCH IT and use Privacy Badger:
and use paypal.

I haven’t added Blur, no. I saw badger, already- but it’s a test add on and it may have bugs… :-\

Really … I haven’t found any bugs, and I’ve been using it since it came out.

you mean badger?

Yup, privacy badger
what makes you think Privacy Badger is a test add-on and may have bugs ?

It says so in the add ons menu.

I dunno if you have an early version or something but I’m not seeing that :-\

do you have Privacy Badger 1.0.1 ?

When you go to Mozilla addons it says ‘Warning: This add-on is in alpha, so you may find some bugs!’

I have been using Privacy Badger since it first came out (downloaded from EFF) and had no truble with it.
The addon is fine despite the alpha warning.

Thanks SeZo- I will try it then.

Ahh, OK I see it (just me being snowblind there for a bit) … I get the feeling that warning has been there since before it hit version 1.0.0

Would be odd to move from 0.x.x to 1.x.x and still call it an alpha … and it doesn’t mention being an alpha on the EFF site.

But as SeZo says, I’ve never had a single problem with it.

Well it has added itself now, so will see how it goes…

I use badger and think its great :smiling_face:

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Hi pceanadach, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I take it you mean Privacy Badger form the Electronic Frontier Foundation ?

If so, so do I :wink: