Firefox layout changed-SOLVED

It has a curved tab and my toolbar bar is changed- no list of favourites, nor the edit and paste at top- I now have to access an icon with lines at the top right. I don’t like this look at all- how can I revert back to it? I think it must be because I did the update manager for Flash and other updates were installed.

Right-click on the empty space just to the right of your tab … click “Menu Bar” option, so there’s a tick next to it.

Yes, hmmm…done that, but it is not how it was before- this layout is very ugly. Can I not get back the original bars? My bookmarks are shoved over on the right and I liked them in the middle like they were before.
I must be getting old…can’t stand change! :frowning:

Right-click where you did before … select “Customise” … drag the bookmarks button to wherever you want on the bar … close the “Customise” tab.

But NO, you cannot go back without uninstalling firefox and reinstalling the old version … that MAY break your bookmarks etc., depends on whether they changed the database format.

Easier to just customise this version … it’s pretty easy to get the layout the same (I have) … well SIMILAR, as it won’t let you move the “reload” button ::slight_smile:

Oh so they changed it then not me? I managed to get my bookmarks pretty much in the middle. Having the bookmarks over there was awkward to read. This new layout is minging- all the icons are in grey and are not as easy to see as when they were in colour. Well I wonder if I switch my Mint netbook on they will have changed it on there too?? I don’t use that as much (mainly in the bedroom in bed in the winter).

Depends on which version of Mint … if it’s one that’s still receiving updates eventually they’ll move you to Firefox 29 on that too.

I kinda like this new version.

Why not add a “Theme” to it:

Depends on which version of Mint .. if it's one that's still receiving updates eventually they'll move you to Firefox 29 on that too.

I am not sure which Mint it is- I’ll soon find out!

I kinda like this new version.

I don’t but hey ho.

Why not add a "Theme" to it:

I already have- got the two birds one! It makes the icons look easier to see. However they had themes on the old Firefox.