Firefox [solved]

since having problems with pepper flash (see separate post) I thought i would give firefox a go,
In the past I’ve never got on with firefox always preferring chromium,
Firefox works perfect but one thing that puts me off is the wasted space at the top( the address bar,bookmarks bar etc) it take up more space than chromium.
I have BBC home page as my home page and the words at the bottom are cut in half.
Is there any way of reducing this area (other than f11)



Right-click anywhere in the blank space just to the right oof your tab(s) … then untick “Menu Bar” and “Bookmarks Bar”

thanks Mark
removing the menu bar has improved it
i’ll see if i can learn to live with firefox :slight_smile:


If you’re in Firefox 29 you can also remove the bookmarks bar … as there should be a bookmarks icon just to the right of the search box

If you’re NOT running Firefox 29 … what distro/version/architecture are you using ?

yeah I know I can remove the bookmarks bar, but I use it all the while.

I think I’m happy how it is now, thanks. so i will mark it solved


Okey dokey :slight_smile: