Firefox v Chrome. Which do you choose?

Probably one the toughest questions I could be asked. I love both browsers, but which do you pick? At the beginning of Natty, I used Firefox a lot but then that started having some nasty performance bugs and stability issues, so I moved to chrome. Chrome has been good me since then but the past few weeks it’s really got on my nerves having so many performance issues, stupid bugs etc, etc, so today I said screw it and went back to an updated Firefox 8. Now I love Firefox again and it’s now a case of, if this one doesn’t work, I’ll use the other one instead. It seems Firefox has passed Chrome, and now it’s working the way it should. But which do you choose? Why?

Used to be Chrome … swore by it for ages, but as you said too many bugs crept in, and Firefox have made some major improvements since the lumbering beast that was Firefox 3.

So though I still MUCH prefer the Chrome interface, I’m afraid until Google sort the bugs, I’m using Firefox … still, I’d go back to Chrome in a heartbeat if they’d just fix the damn thing.