Firestarter firewall

I’m still apprehensive about security due to Windoze flaws and paranoia. I have downloaded Firestarter but have to load it every time I start up, is there anyway I can get it to start up automatically or do you have any other suggestions regarding Firewalls?



Finally wiped Vista from my main computer and now using Ubuntu 10.10. :slight_smile:

In Ubuntu ?

I thought you’d moved to PeppermintOS One

And can you please not double post… I’m going to remove the original thread.

Very sorry the original post did not appear in the forum so I thought I would retry in another section.

Moved to Ubuntu due to glitches and ‘hanging’ in Peppermint.

Nope, our fault… you’re right, items in the “Security” section weren’t being displayed on the portal… fixed now :slight_smile:

in Ubuntu, you can add things you want to start at boot up in - System>Preferences>Startup Applications

hit Add, give it a name, and enter the command you need to run it.


Firstly you don’t need a firewall, but if it will make you feel better…

For ease of use, you would probably be better off installing gufw (instead of firestarter)

sudo apt-get install gufw

then you will find it in System>Administration>Firewall Configuration

fire it up, put a tick in the Enabled box, add any rules you want to… and it will be started at boot up automatically.

I’ll take your advice and not install one. Sorry to be a pest latel, you have been a big help.

Not a problem… if I didn’t like doing this, I wouldn’t :wink: