First Raspberry Pi computers to be delivered (BBC News)

Interesting news on BBC (also mentions Linux):

The Pi is built around the Arm chip that is used in the vast majority of mobile phones. It runs one version of the Linux operating system and uses SD cards as its storage medium. Lets hope that it will help to reduce the[i] click here[/i] mentality and will enable children to learn to program.

Heh … it may even prompt me to do the same :wink:

I keep telling myself I should learn to programme, but then my native laziness kicks in.

Programming is only one side of the coin.
I am horrified with the state of the IT in education.
They are effectively teaching our kids to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.

Agreed … not exactly “IT” … even less what they seem to call “ICT” ???

What they teach you in school is a load of bull. When I first started school they were amazed at how well I knew computers. Heck I probably even knew more about them than the teachers did.

They teach you how to use MS Office, Internet Explorer and how to use Email… and they continue to do this over and over again each year you go through school.

One day, my mate got so bored with it, he stuck a virus on the school system which brought down the system for 48 hours, haha. That was funny.

Ah the good times I had. :-/