Fleecing the isheep

Roll up Roll up ! Here’s the deal, you know all that music you purchased from us, Well out of our sense of fairness we’re gonna sell it to you again only this time minus all that nasty DRM/malware you didn’t want or know about in the first place (what do you mean you didn’t know about that, didn’t you read the terms and conditions)


Lambs to the slaughter

You have seen the date on that article ?

Jan 2009

They were fleeced long ago :wink: … probably the reason for the 2010 iWool surplus.

You have seen the date on that article ?

I didn’t see that ( I need to pay more attention to these things)

I changed the title to make it more appropriate but I couldn’t believe it when I read it even if it was 4 years ago it still stinks


I’ve never owned an iAnything, so I couldn’t care less :wink:


Apple users always had more money than sense, so probably saw it as making them even more “elitist”.