Forbidden fruit

Hi guys

According to this Clementine OS – The Continuation of Pear Linux OS | UbuntuHandbook Pear OS is no longer available for download as the developer has sold the distribution to an unnamed company for an undisclosed sum.

So what am I not understanding here, as far as I understand Pear OS is an Ubuntu based distro licensed under the GPL and therefor free as in beer and free as in speech so who would buy it when they can just take it, apparently someone has already forked it and it will now be called Clementine OS, so why couldn’t this unnamed company not have done the same thing and simply called it Peach OS or Plum OS or whatever fruit they choose, unless they’re only after the logo or the name in which case the original developer could have sold the name & logo then continued developing his distro under a new name ie some other kind of fruit OS.

Confused ???


For the same reason your garage has a value above the value of the property and contents.
(even under a different name)

“good will” has a value too.

The fact that they don’t have to start from scratch, they’re buying a ready made install base, and a known “branding” … not the code base :wink:

Of course they could start from scratch for free, but there’s a lot of work and time involved in becoming a well know and highly ranking distro, and starting from scratch doesn’t ensure you’ll manage that.

Brand awareness is probably more important than the code base, and the hard thing to achieve … specially in the Linux world :slight_smile:
(and specially in these days when people are saying … “oh no, not another Ubuntu clone distro”)

Same applies to nearly all businesses … and particularly web sites, which may have no intrinsic value at all, but have a value based on page hits which can be converted to monetary value by what that’s worth to advertisers

“good will” often has a value WAY in excess of the actual business assets.

Besides which, there’s always someone with more money than sense … trick is to find them :slight_smile:

Hmm … if you read his G+ posting:

it seems he was sent some knida cease and desist order from some (in his terms) huge american company (he say’s it was NOT Apple), and signed a contract not to disclose who, so I’m guessing he was paid off under threat of being taken to court.

Apparently he never registered “Pear OS” as a trademark … so you can assume someone else has, and has paid him off.
(I doubt if they’re interested in the Linux code at all, more the “name” for whatever they’re planning on making)

Didn’t “Python” recently have something similar happen, but they decided to fight.

From reading that blog the guy sounds shit scared it sounds more like the mafia than a “huge american company” and the only reason they made him sign a non disclosure agreement is so they don’t get exposed for the bullies they are

whoever they are.


Pretty much how I read it too