Formatting terminal command output

The terminal command date; iwlist wlan0 scan |grep -i quality outputs the current date/time and data about my wireless connection on two lines:

keith@desktop-1:~$ date; iwlist wlan0 scan |grep -i quality
Tue Feb 12 13:27:37 GMT 2013
Quality=54/70 Signal level=-56 dBm

Is it possible output both the date and data on one line?

How about:

echo $(date)$(iwlist wlan0 scan | grep -i quality)


You’re a star! What’s it like to know what you’re doing?!
I might have another one in a short while!

for i in `iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i quality`
  echo -n "$i "
echo ""

Yep: that works, too. Not such a Mad Penguin, then!
Many thanks, gents.

Scatty Spheniscidae ;D

But not, I trust, Spheniscus :wink: