Can someone please upload or show me a place to download the program ‘fortune’, which was last in Ubuntu in 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex)?

What is fortune ? … if you mean the fortune cookie app… take a look in your package manager (Synaptic), Quicksearch = fortunes

Thanks :slight_smile: seems odd that something as totally unnecessary as that is in synaptic and not ubuntu software centre :o

I never use the Ubuntu software centre… for just that reason… I always look in Synaptic first, which kinda makes the software centre obsolete.

Even though it was supposed to be the other way round :wink:

I will take your advice and start at synaptic in future…
Out of interest, do you know if the code for the gnome panel applets is online? I’d like to develop on one but I can’t find it’s source code

Haven’t got a clue… probably is somewhere… look on sourceforge, or ask at: