Forum support for Tapatalk ...

I’ve just installed a bunch of mods including support for “tapatalk”. If anyone wants to try it, it will push notifications directly to Chrome (if you install the Chrome tapatalk plugin) to give you real-time posting updates. It also talks to Mobile phones via tapatalk apps, there are a number of commercial apps (couple of quid) but a quick test indicates “Convo” [free] seems to do the job.

Hmm … I’m getting closer to that android purchase :o

Also, this is quite cool … 8)

Ok, just spent 1.99, now I can navigate and post from my mobile … O0

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Without an Android smartphone (or any other kind) methinks it would cost me more than 1.99

I figure if I get an Andriod phone I’ll probably wonder how I ever managed without one, but if I don’t … I’ll just happily manage in blissful ignorance C:-)

I got my first Smartphone (this one) 23 months ago … and my experience was exactly that - within a week I wondered how I’d ever manage without it.

Note that although my contract is up, I’m not rushing out to buy the latest model … as it’s a Nexus (from Google) I’m on the latest version of android, and the hardware still feels good … so its not necessarily the slippery slope to having to buy a new device every year. :slight_smile:

Incidentally, £1.99 works the same way … the commercial Tapatalk client is sooo much better than the free one, I wonder how I even hesitated for 2 quid. Dare I say it’s even better than the web client … (!) 8)

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Thanks for this m p
Makes it so easy using my smart phone.
Well worth the money


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