Frountend for DOS BOX (Resolved)

Dose anyone have an easy to install frontend for DOS BOX?

I am using mint 17.2 mate.

Any suggestions welcome.

Don’t use it myself, but until someone else posts, maybe this will help:

This might be useful? - Basic Setup and Installation of DosBox - DOSBoxWiki

Actually installing DOSbox - it should be in the default Ubuntu repos? Simply running it once installed should give you a DOS prompt. I think it creates a folder in your /home folder to keep all its files (e.g. your DOS applications)

Thanks Mark the frountend is very useful and improves the experience of DOS BOX in Linux.

chemicalfan-running DOS BOX on its own is quite complex as you have to mount the directory where you installed your game as your C: drive and then mount your CDROM as your CD drive D:

The frountend automates the process and I am pleased to say my old DOS game is working just fine including support for my USB joy-stick.