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Really not off topic :wink:


Seriously, an entire jar of coffee in two days ?! Someone doesn’t sleep much! :wink:

I like using linux because I finally understand xkcd comics. :smiley:

ROFL … although I think the last bit about Ubuntu is a little unfair :wink:


If you guy don’t read it already, then I can highly recommend xkcd.

I wonder what the map would look like now, considering how many blocks have been assigned since it was made…

Perhaps I schould add in ~/.bash_aliases a line

alias please='sudo'

[smg type=preview caption=“True Story: 1996” id=562]

[smg type=preview caption=“True Store: 1985” id=572]

If you don’t want to watch it all… watch it from about 7 minutes in, where he starts to talk about Open Source.

RSA Animate - Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us

Excellent presentation!


IMHO not applicable for 98% of the population, but if you can afford to hire all your staff from the 2% pool to which this presentation applies you probably have it made!
(i.e. if you have as much money as Google for example … :wink: )

I spent 10 years trying to hire people like this with a very mediocre success rate … :frowning: … maybe it just applies to yanks … here’s my take;

[ol]- Give a salesman a free day; he’ll come up with a fantastic product with a huge profit margin that you can’t manufacture

  • Give an accountant a free day; he’ll come up with a new list of courses he can enrol on
  • Give an executive a free day; he’ll come back with an enhanced handicap
  • Give a tekkie a free day; he’ll come back with a fantastic new product for which there is no market
  • Give a helpdesker a free day; he’ll paint the word “Roy” on his T-shirt and come back with a tape-recorder strapped to his phone that automatically answers and plays “have you tried turning it off and on again?”.[/ol]



ps. IT Crowd, New Series, Channel 4, 9pm

I kinda had a ‘free’ ish day at work (I asked for a day for a single task.) I got my development and build environments shiny, and updated all the debian packages we use on new machines at work :slight_smile:

Ooops! Missed one, no two!

  1. Give a noccie a day; he’ll make all the systems he maintains brilliantly, even more brilliant!
  2. Give MP a free day; and you’ll end up carrying him back from the pub around 11:30pm


So, what does that make me, a Noccy, or a helpdesker? :wink:

Well, I thought noccie, unless you’ve done something interesting to your phone … :wink:

Tempting as it is with some of our customers no… I got a headset (the only one in the office), and a reputation for patience on the phone… :-\

Not always the best thing, as you sometimes get handed the hard ones… though I’ve been handing them on to our trainees :slight_smile:

After seeing a similar screenshot on kirrus’s blog and finding it very funny, I’ve been waiting to come across one of these sites… it finally happened.
First it shows a scanning window, them shows you this… then attempts to get you to accept a windows executable to “fix” the problem :slight_smile:

[smg type=preview caption=“This on a PC running Linux Mint 8 :slight_smile: (click image to expand)” id=582]

I’d swear I actually heard the bulls**t bounce off the Linux box :wink:

BTW, the download at the bottom is NOT the executable it tried to get me to download.