Gates wants to know you...

I know this is a Linux forum and any talk of Microsoft is frowned upon but I just thought I’d put this out there for all the social networking kids.

Microsoft have launched their own social network!! See here.

It is call (pronounced social).

I have just been reading the article on TheReg and was terrified at the following sentence;

“ is an experiment in open search. That means your searches on are viewable by other users and will also be available to third parties.”

I’m sorry but people are complaining to Google and Bookface about monitoring searches and giving details to third parties… Microsoft just up and state they do it! They have balls, I’ll give them that!

I wonder how long that will last. I know I don’t use Google anymore because of the ‘filter bubble’ and search tracking

It then goes on to say;

“By default, searches in are shared publicly. As students work together, they often search for the same items, and discover new shared interests by sharing links. We see this trend today on many social networks, such as Twitter, where shared links spread virally and amplify popular content.”

I can see what they are getting at. With a lot of students searching the same thing it can link them all and provide better results. So all the students in the class get the same answer…

Maybe it will work differently to what I am imagining, I am a paranoid ‘tin foil hat wearing’ user so I might be a bit pessimistic.

What does everyone think?

And I apologise deeply for bringing Microsoft back into your lives… I know it makes you feel grubby! I myself am off for a shower… :stuck_out_tongue:

It will certainly make marking their papers easier … the teacher will only need to mark one.

I hope the shared results are anonymous … otherwise I can see it failing IMMEDIATELY … who wants others to know what you’re searching for, bad enough that the search giants know, but your wife/boss/kids/etc. :o

And they do this just as people are starting to think anonymous browsing may be a good idea ???

Though who knows what the facebook types will think … I’ve never understood them anyway.

You might want to change the “Gates” to “Ballmer” or “Microsoft” though … AFAIK, Gates has nowt to do with M$ any more.

Noted. I still use Gates because most people aren’t aware of who Ballmer is.

This is true :slight_smile: … I know, I just don’t care :wink:

Mmm, need to stick with “Gates” to make the quote work …

In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates

I dunno … “who needs Ballmer” works for me :slight_smile: … though I’d probably word it slightly differently.

I seen this yesterday on the TLDR (Lockergnome daily report by Chris Pirillo). All I have to say is, another one? really? I’m getting really tired of these social networking sites now. BubblePlus, Farkbook & Twatter are enough for me as it is.

Microsoft are trying far to hard now. Their market-share of everything is now slipping from their hands and they know it.

I’ll sit here with my cup of black tea, and come up with a plan on how to go about murdering Ballmer, and Gates because he’s still a shareholder.

Is he … I thought I’d read he’d sold all his shares and moved into pharmaceuticals ?


I can no longer find that online, so it was probably wrong … though he did sell over 90 million shares.

He kept some shares for himself, and hopefully he got into pharmaceuticals in order to overdose himself.