GetDeb and PlayDeb discontinue

GetDeb and PlayDeb discontinue

That’s the word from the Google+ page:
Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
also reported here:

The mirror is still available … so non of the older stuff is lost, but it looks like nothing new will be added, and nothing updated :cry:

So long GetDeb and PlayDeb, you’ll be sorely missed … but a BIG thanks to Christoph Korn (c-korn) and anyone else involved for your hard work and dedication up to this point :slight_smile:


GetDeb… I never used it…

Neither do I, I’m not a fan of multi package PPA’s (too hard to keep track of what’s being installed/updated), I prefer single package PPA’s if any.

That said … PlayDeb was bloody handy for getting the latest games pre-packaged, and possibly auto updated (though I always disabled the repo after installing anything, so I knew it couldn’t update something I didn’t want it to update automatically).

It will still be sorely missed by MANY people who used it regularly … not to mention, even though I didn’t make great use of it I’d still ike to show my gratitude :slight_smile: