Getting the bottom panel back in Unity

If like me, you miss the bottom panel in Ubuntu’s new Unity interface… you can have it back :wink:

and hit Enter

This will add BOTH old (classic) panels back… but the top panel is on top of the Unity global menu panel.

So you will want to right-click the top panel and select delete this panel… at first I tried the autohide feature, hoping this would allow me to have BOTH top panels, and choose between them, but after opening a window or application that uses the global menu, the classic panel refused to unhide :frowning:

Still… there’s nothing to stop you adding whatever panel applets you require to the bottom panel :slight_smile:

If you want the system to boot with this enabled… just add gnome-panel to the Startup Applications.

You can terminate it with:

killall gnome-panel

or by logging off and on again (unless you’ve added it as a Startup Application of coure).