Getting to boot Menu on HP Pavilion Laptop(Solved)

I am trying to assist a friend who is sick of Windows 10, he has a pavilion netbbok laptop, he has downloaded peppermint 10 to a USB but cannot get into the boot menu to try the peppermint with a view to replacing Windows.
Can someone please give a step by step guide to get into the boot menu, it seems much more complicated than on my Dell laptop.
your help is much appreciated,


Does pressing F10 or ESC work when booting at the blank screen?

Thanks for the response, he has tried the various “simple” options, eg, F10, Esc etc but apparently this doesn’t get him to the boot order screen.
My first advice to him was on those lines, I just tap F12 on my Dell and up pops the boot screen.
Is this something yo do with Windpws and uefi? It us so long since I had windows and it as certainly pre uefi.

See here -

There should be instructions on the BIOS page, when it appears, on re-arranging the boot order. As I recall, some older laptops might actually show ‘USB’ in the list but boot capability isn’t activated. If that’s the case, change the boot order to DVD (or CD if it’s that old) and try an installation disk instead. :wink:


Hi Rich,
Thanks for the reply, have passed on your advice to my friend and he will have a look at it and see if can sort it from there. Will come back and ask for further help if needed,
Many thanks


No worries! They may have to try all the sequences in turn, depending on the particular computer. There seems to be as many BIOS versions as there are Linux distros… ::slight_smile:

According to this page

It’s ESC or F9


Some good answers here as well…
I can confirm in the past I have had to hit the delete button on the keyboard to enter the boot menu…good luck.

Can I thank everyone who has posted responses to this query, I can say that my friend has found the correct sequence of keys to access the boot menu, it does appear to vary widely depending upon the actual model, also needed to go through secure boot option, but I think this is now sorted.
He is very appreciative of the help and has learned a lot.



Would you please ask your friend for the magic key combination and post it here for others?


It appears that Tapping the Esc key followed by F9 did the trick.

Thanks again for the responses.