Getting wifi connectivity with hp110 11000 netbook (bcm4312) Ubuntu 14.04

Someone please help me!

I have literally spent a whole day trying to get Ubuntu to work on my netbook. The problem appears to be that there is no driver for my wireless card. I have searched online and I have found out that I have a chip called a BCM4312. According to internet sources there is a driver available for this card but after spending many hours trying to follow instructions from outdated sources asking me to follow instructions like ----> click systems/administration etc which no longer exists in the latest versions of linux … and after spending more hours copying command line arguments I don’t understand into the terminal to no avail I have totally given up. Please somebody give me up to date straight forward instructions that I can simply follow and I will be eternally grateful. BTW I do not have ethernet connection available which makes things more tricky - I will have to download to my windows partition and then copy the files across and install manually somehow I guess?. :frowning:

Can you not connect an ethernet cable to the modem/router?

This would be so simple if you could connect with an ethernet cable … or borrow a working USB wireless adapter.

otherwise you’ll have to wait til I update the “b43 offline install instructions” for 14.04 … or someone else responds.

Which kernel are you running … what’s the output from:

uname -a

At a guess the instructions for 12.04 should still work:
obviously if you end up having to download b43-fwcutter you’ll want the one for “trusty” Not “precise”.

The ones for trusty can be found at a any of the mirrors here:

There’s also a link here - WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx - Community Help Wiki

Suggests that the driver is on the Ubuntu install media (your LiveCD or USB drive)

Would that actually work ? … they mention installing the kernel headers (again from the CD), but they don’t mention installing build-essential which I’m 99.9% sure is required to compile the wl drivers.
(and IIRC a PITA to install offline as it has a million dependencies … it’s been a while since I tried that though, so maybe build-essential is now installed by default)

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s odd that Ubuntu don’t install wl by default for proprietary licensing/distribution reasons, yet they then include them on the DVD in /pool :o

Yeah, I’m surprised they are able to distribute propriatory drivers on their DVD!
Equally surprised that they don’t just install the b43 open source driver by default, it’s all modular after all…