Gnome 3.6 Released.

Gnome 3 users will now be please to know, version 3.6 brings with it some new features.

Probably most noticeable will be the “Activities” menu which has had a bit of a redesign. The “applications” & “activities” tabs are no longer there, instead when you click Activities, you are presented with the windows open at present in that particular workspace. In order to see your applications, you must click the Android like applications drawer icon.

As well as the “Activities” menu, the notifications have under went some redesign as well. Now icons are, bigger, and more easily to dismiss by clicking the ever iconic “X” closing icon, and the notifications are now spread across the bottom, instead of just the corner.

Keeping with design, power-users will now notice that the Gnome team have now finally added the sensible “Power off” button in the user menu. Many complaints were received because the “Power off” button wasn’t present in previous releases, which let’s be honest, was a stupid idea.

“Files” or more commonly known as “Nautilus” has also been updated. It’s now more, less feature rich than Windows 98 explorer, in that the Gnome team have completely not listened to their user-base and opted for the “we know what’s best for you” attitude. However, some functionality has been retained.

There is now a new way of searching, so the old search button and the relatively new “type to search” ways are gone. I suspect you only have to type from the activities “dash”? [I’ll update this when I hear more on it. Or install Ubuntu 12.10 Beta / Fedora 18 in a VM]

My favourite new update to Gnome 3 is the lockscreen, which now uses GDM and displays the time and date. I imagine we’re going to be seeing a lot of modifying of this, especially backgrounds and fonts.

Other updates:

Empathy now uses Zeitgeist.

Boxes is now an official “Gnome app”

Clocks is now a “preview” Gnome app which comes with 3.6

Gnome Extensions now update automatically.

So after all that, the main question is this: How do I get Gnome 3.6?

Answer, install Ubuntu 12.10 Beta, or Fedora 18 as it isn’t available in the Gnome 3 PPA yet, nor is it available as an ISO.

When it is available you’ll be able to get the image file here.

Video preview:

Photos & Video courtesy of WebUpD8