Gnome 3 extension - Panel-Docklet v13

For users of Gnome 3 (shell) … I’d highly recommend you try the Panel-Docklet v13 extension (by Jodli), and set it to “Panel” in the “Preconfiguations” settings … see here:

Ach, I’ve had this extension for ages! If I’m honest, most of the time I forget it’s there. I’m so used to just pressing the superkey and bringing up the dash for GS. I’m so used to it infact, that when I’m on Windows I sometimes forget I’m not using GS and do a “done goofed.” :frowning:

Heh … you and me both … when I’m working on someone else’s Windows box, I’m forever shoving the mouse top left of screen, then wondering why nothing happens.

Yeah I’ve experienced that many times… Already done it twice today. :-\