GNOME 3 Released

After around five years of planning and development, the GNOME developers have released the third generation of their Linux and Unix desktop, GNOME 3. GNOME 3 brings new operating concepts and a new look; the GNOME Shell reduces the visual complexity of the user interface to allow users to better focus on the applications that they use. Virtual desktops are also now an integral part of how users work with GNOME, with simple workspace navigation and a single keypress (or mouse gesture) able to bring an overview of all the windows and workspaces.

The GNOME developers have also, as is traditional, reduced the number of configuration options; the changes usually help users who are new to the desktop work with it but also usually run into strong criticism from experienced GNOME users. In general, GNOME 2 users will need to retrain themselves for the new environment of GNOME 3.

For more information about the changes in GNOME 3 and how to adapt to them see The H feature “First Look:GNOME 3.0”.


Noooooooooooooooo! I don’t want to access my programs etc from the left. I like them at the top! Still I hear KDE have their new baby out, might have a look. :wink:

KDE4…Yuk. ::slight_smile:

I’m with Toonman, don’t like the idea of accessing my apps from the left :cry:

Unlike Unity (at least at the moment), I would guess the GNOME 3 dock will be pretty customizable (moveable?)… I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, at least till I’m proven wrong.

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Well I would’ve thought that they would have kept in mind that GNOME 2 was/is really good. I like having the ability to move things around ::slight_smile: .

I’ll have a read at that article later on.