gnome os

has anyone herd anything about gnome os like is it rpm/deb or port based like bsd/minix

Hi greenian2, and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone knows yet … Including the Gnome devs.

At a guess I’d say it a fair certainty to be Linux though …

More info on GnomeOS manifesto & Design Whiteboards

My bets are on it being a .rpm distro, mostly because it upstreams Gnome 3 libs to Fedora more than any distro.

I read somewhere that the majority of Gnome devs work for Redhat, so if that’s correct you’re probably right.

Which BTW, pretty much rules it out for me.

Although I’m also reading that is now hosted by Canonical … don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, I can’t see them being happy about hosting a competing distro.


Yup, it’s true … IS hosted by Canonical

See the very last line on their homepage:

Maybe this have something to do with it:

Yeh, I’d read about that … is it this:

I don’t think they are the same. It looks like this is going to be an officially sanctioned spin like Lubuntu or the like

Now THAT surprises me … but it’s good to hear … it’s always been easy to do, but it will be nice to have a “buntu” with “Gnome Classic” available out-of-the-box again :slight_smile:

it suprises me too given mark shuttleworths take it or leave it stance on unity up to now

To be brutally honest, I don’t think the GNOME team know what they want anymore. They’ve honestly lost the plot with their goals. They want 20 million people to be using Gnome 3/Gnome OS by 2015… There’s barely just 15 million or so people using Ubuntu alone never mind 20!

It seems GNOME devs, don’t have such a bright future and it really saddens me. If GNOME goes, Unity will yet again change, A LOT of projects will most likely be abandoned and Linus will have a sh*t-fit.

So much rides on the devs, and it’s not it’s their full-time PAID job either. Most of them are just volunteers.

They’d best bring something special to the table to compete with Ubuntu, otherwise I’ll just class it as just another distro. There are so many projects that are either exactly the same, or similar. Too much fragmentation. Choice is good, but when it gets TOO much, people start asking questions like, ‘which distro should I use?’, ‘which distro is the best?’. ‘which distro is easiest to use?’.

Now us in the know, know perfectly well what works and what doesn’t (no pun intended). I just fail to see how Gnome OS is going to “trumph” Ubuntu.

I am with bks on this one.

Hmm, my understanding is that they do not intend to compete with any of the other distros but to provide
a clean base for the devs to play with. Could be wrong though. :-\

I don’t know … If done correctly it could “easily” trump Ubuntu as far as usability, functionality, and integration goes.

Think about it, Ubuntu pulls in lots of “bits” of other projects, and welds their own stuff on … GnomeOS could remove at least one of those layers … plus Gnome would have the option to adjust the underlying framework to suit their OS … everyone else would have to follow, fork or used old stuff

But on current form, I doubt if it WILL be done correctly … which is a pity … I hope I’m wrong :slight_smile:

It makes perfect sense to me … at the moment, Gnome do their thing and distro builders have to work with it “as is” … I think it would help Gnome a great deal to see how their stuff works from a distro builders perspective.

Just maybe Gnome (with Gnome OS) is just trying to distance itself from Red Hat (in the direction of Canonical) :-\

id like to take gnomeOS and put kde on it for a laugh ;D

great news (ish) release date for gnomebuntu follow link