Google Chromebook

Wandering around PC world recently and saw a young lady wearing a Google T shirt beside a couple of Google Chromebooks and monitors. So, I interrupted her texting! to ask a few questions. “what is the operating system” I asked. She replied “Linux”. “What version” I asked. “Just Linux” she replied. “So why should I buy one”…reply "because it has anti virus included "she said. “If it’s Linux it doesn’t need anti virus” I said. “Oh you do Linux is no different to Windows or Macs and this is built in”…Bet she sells loads!

You’re cruel … but I must admit that exploring the shortcomings of PCWorld staff is a favoured pass time of my own, something to do whilst the missus is shopping :slight_smile:

The annoying thing is, she was probably told that in her 15 minute pre-sales class, because it’s easier than fending off questions about “why” Linux doesn’t currently need AV.

"It doesnt need AV can sometimes be a hard concept for Windows users to get their head around.

I suppose that in a weird way she’s correct … Linux/ChromeOS security layers themselves could be considered AV, just not in the sense she was pushing it :wink:

Yep, a bit infair. A lot these staff are agency people and have as ypu say 15 mins training. It is the companies that should take their products and brands more seriously and offer solid training.

I walked away from the Windows 8 girl in laughter. :slight_smile:
“Have you tried Windows 8 sir?” “Sorry but you could not pay me to use it” she looked puzzled. :wink:

I haven’t had the pleasure yet of a “would you like to try Windows 8 sir ?” … pity, that’s going to be fun :wink:

Looks like I know where to go get a job then. I’d pass with flying colours!!

Anyway, regarding the Chromebook. I’m thinking of perhaps picking up the Samsung version. Looks interesting enough, but I’d probably install Peppermint over the top of ChromeOS lol.

Samsung do an ARM Chromebook … there is NO ARM port of Peppermint.

So unless they also do an x86 Chromebook … don’t bother, at least not if you want Peppermint.

I’ll install Ubuntu then :stuck_out_tongue: