Google Trends ...

Just experimenting with Google trends which lets you graph search and news volumes over time. Thought this was quite interesting …

[smg type=full id=752]

After first making the mistake of thinking the blue line represented Gentoo, and being totally dumbfounded :slight_smile:

A few things seem to jump out -

a) Obviously Ubuntu’s meteoric rise to fame.
b) The way the searches for Ubuntu spike around release dates… so I would say the tips of the spikes represent the true interest levels.
c) Ubuntu doesn’t seem to have had the impact on other distros that some would have you believe… because.
d) Most of the established distros seem to have been sliding since shortly after Windows XP was released anyway.

It would have been nice to have Debian included in the chart, so we could see how Ubuntu take-up affected them.

Ok, here you go!

[smg type=full id=762]

Not sure if it makes much difference … :wink:


Hmm… not so visible on the top part of the chart, but on the bottom it looks like since the arrival of Ubuntu interest in ALL distros seems to be linked to interest in Ubuntu… Debian, like the other established distros seems to have been on a slow decline which doesn’t seem to have accelerated when Ubuntu appeared… on the whole I’d have to say it looks like Ubuntu has actually had a positive impact on interest in the other distros… not what I was expecting :slight_smile: