gparted doesn't work in the new Debian 10.0 in my Dell Inspiron 1545

I already done twice the install of Debian 10.0 in my Laptop Dell Inspiron 1545 and I choose Gnome (under Xorg, Gnome Weyland and Mate). I install it using the Netinstall CD disk. In the two cases, I can’t use gparted. I installed it but when I start it, I type the root password but the app doesn’t open. Even in Mate graphics manager.
I already received the following message when I tryed to format an usb pendrive:
“Error synchronizing after initial wipe: timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)”
Another error that I found is that when I start an app “overgrive”, it is not showed me that the app is running in the notifying panel.
I beg your pardon for my poor English but my native language is Portuguese.
I hope you may help me.
Antonio Carlos

What happens if you run:


in a terminal ?

I received this message:

root@debian-nogueira:/home/nogueira# /usr/sbin/gparted
Unit tmp.mount does not exist, proceeding anyway.

And gparted didn’t openned.

You might want to read this

and this

Yes they’re specifically about Ubuntu, but I’m going to bet the same ‘Gparted won’t work under wayland’ applies to Debian too.

Maybe gnome-disks would be a better bet, unless you want to try a version of Gparted that does implement --enable-xhost-root

Couldn’t you just switch out of a wayland session back to an X session … then use Gparted … then switch back ?