I’ve been trying photo editors in Linux, so I don’t have to use FastStone in wine.
the one problem I have is when I am asked to open a place to import photos they all come up with

125gb volume

or variations of.

when I download photos from my camera to computer, I download them to gThumb (which also puts them in pictures) in which I have a folder structure.

What I would like, if possible to instead of having pictures in the list that comes up, is to have gThumb.

Put another way I suppose I need gThumb putting in my home folder, but cannot seem to be able to work out how to do it.

Thanks in anticipation


Totally confused as to what you’re looking for - gthumb is an image viewer, not a location on your system. Are you saying you want to create a new folder under /home to store the images that gthumb accesses by default?

Sorry if I wasn’t clear
what I need is instead of the present viewer “Image viewer” in my home folder’ I would like to replace it with gThumb,
because gThumb also organisers so well, and when editing a photo in say Fotoxx I can save it to a specific folder, which at the moment I’m struggling with.
also when say Fotoxx asks me to open a gallery, if I open pictures, there’s literally 1000’s of unsorted pictures,
if I can open gThumb I can open a specific folder,
Then if I open a raw editor say Darktable I can do the same.

thanks for your help and sorry for confusing you

btw I download all my photos to gThumb and they go into pictures by default as well.

Now I’m confused too

What is “Image Viewer” doing in your home folder ?

Are you just saying when you open a picture, you’d like it to automatically open in gThumb … ie. set gThumb as the default image viewer ?

One other thing… “Linux” … which “Linux” ?

sorry I think I’ve confused myself as well ;D

I,m on peppermint5.

When I open the file manager, my home folder shows various folders including Pictures, when I open this folder it opens the photos with “image viewer” which is there by default in peppermint,
is there any way i can change this to gThumb, so when I click on the pictures folder it opens “gThumb” not “image viewer”

So that when I open the pictures folder in a photo editor (ie fotoxx)it opens gThumb not what I’ve got now. (if that is possible)

thanks for your patience


Hi Banko

The way I’m reading it is you want to make gthumb the default image viewer if so all you should need to do is right click on an image file select “Open With” then navigate to gthumb highlight it and at the bottom left you’ll see a checkbox that says “set selected application for this file type”, tick that box, after that any time you double click to open an image file (of that type) it should use gthumb.

Hope that helps


thanks Graeme for taking the time to answer

i’ll start again :slight_smile:

i’m more than happy with viewing in pep5, i can access gThumb no probs,

the problem is importing photos into editing software, all the software i,ve tried, when importing, the editing software comes up with a list of places, desktop and home folder,
(i’ve placed a shortcut to gThumb on the desktop, but when i access it in the editing software everything is greyed out, probably because its a shortcut).
to get it to open gThumb is important because of the folders in gThumb, when I’ve edited a photo its really important to be able to save them easily to the folder I choose, when editing say 100s of images it needs to be a simple operation.

again thanks

So, you want the funtionality of gThumb (in terms of image organisation) in the file manager?

Not gonna happen, sorry. Your best bet it to organise the Pictures folder in the same way as gThumb and set the file manager to display a preview (not sure how this is achieved in Peppermint, if it’s not default), so you can see the images before you open them in the editor.

Importing images is a seperate process than editing, there’s no way to combine them as far as I know (or can even visualise how it would work)

Thanks chemicalfan

I was starting to think it was not possible,
so I will have to look at a workaround which shouldn’t be a to big a problem.
If I have a problem I will start a new topic.

Thanks all

From what I can gather, thumbnail support (image preview) in the file manager should be available - if it’s not default, you should be able to change the view to include it using the menu. Just the folder structure to modify to get it in line with gThumb. Hopefully the open dialog browser of whatever photo editing app you use will honour the thumbnail view of PCManFM…

@ chemicalfan
every editing software displays the thumbnails, thats not the problem, I’ve already have over 3000 photos and they are all together, so it takes ages to find what you want and then save it so you can find it. I’m struggling to set up a folder structure in the pictures folder in the file manager.
I’ll have a look later when I,ve a bit more time.
no doubt I,ll be back with some more questions ;D

I really do appreciate all the help offered



You might want to look at Shotwell instead of gThumb.

Does a similar job of image organisation with a similar layout … but it has the ability to set an external editor and an external RAW editor, so right-clicking an image in Shotwell gives an “Open with external editor”.

Thanks Mark,

I’ve installed Shotwell and it looks like it might do the job,
so, light at the end of the tunnel :slight_smile:

I’ll try it fully later and report back.


in Shotwell, go to:-

Edit > Preferences > External Editors

and set your external editor choices in there.

I’d already done that Mark :slight_smile: Works really well

just messing around with folders and where they are saved,

I already prefer Shotwell to gThumb, I had read reviews about it and they were on the main negative, just goes to show you have to try them not believe all you read.

gThumb is older and people don’t like change … and early versions of shotwell could be a little unstable so they did themselves no favours.

I like Shotwell too but one big negative for me was loading images from a network location was very slow and buggy and often crashed
otherwise it’s a very good application

Just my tuppence worth :slight_smile:


It’s going to be slow the first time … it has to search the path you choose across a network connection and read every file.

Never had it crash on me whilst doing that though … it does however appear to have locked up whilst it does the initial indexing across a network but it hasn’t … at least not got me.

Subsequent indexing is much quicker.

But I guess you’re right … I suppose it’s slow to scan network locations, and is better at local stuff

Well maybe I just didn’t give it a fair chance I do have around 1700 images to index so it’s perfectly possible that i expected too much

I might just give it another go


I’m back :slight_smile:

just had a problem publishing to flickr,
on searching the devs website it says a new version has just been released resolving this problem,
my next question is how do I download this new version? version 0.18.1

Thanks for being patient