GUI Package Manager Alternatives

So, just curious…I’m realized that synaptic package manager, although very powerful, is rather lacking in looks IMHO. I very much like how Ubuntu’s Software Center looks, however it’s EXTREMELY resource-intensive. Are there any alternatives that are more lightweight? (I know of Mint’s package manager…Last I used it though, I didn’t like it much…)


For which distro/version ?

There probably are, but I find Synaptic the tool of choice (at least for Debian based systems) … I don’t care much for “looks”, a package manager IMHO needs to be “functional” not pretty, and Synaptic has that in spades :slight_smile:

i agree its Synaptic all the way

are you using a rpm or .deb distro ?

Pretty much Debian based all the way … every time I try sommat else, I find myself missing the apt tools … and rpm’s drive me up the wall if for no other reason than I’m just used to apt/dpkg :slight_smile:


That said … you’ll quickly learn I can change my opinion on just about anything at the drop of a hat :wink:

i dont like rpm and can’t get on with yum it just a personal thing i guess

Or YaST(2) … grrrr