happy birthday firefox

yes the best (imho) browser is 8 years old today ;D

woo, three cheers for Firefox.


Define “best” … (says the Chrome user …) … 8)

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best = the one i find most useful and secure by choice i use it on my pc and htc phone (thats why it’s a imho statment) it’s my opinion i guess but thats opensource for you full of choice the best is what meets your needs best :smiley:

I have been using Chrome and Chromium and like windoze it gets slower over time. Maintenance of my browser really isn’t something high on my list. Also it has a lot of compatibility issues for a fair few popular sites such as ebay.

I have to admit that firefox is definitely second fastest to the google troop but at the end of the day, I don’t want google to have any more of my details.

I have to agree … Firefox is just more compatible, and behaves the way I expect … Though I love the speed of Chromium/Chrome, even on this forum if I treble-tap on the text in a (code) box, Firefox highlights the text, chrome highlights the text and space after the text, so if you then copy/paste into a terminal it acts like you’ve also hit enter (to run the command) which I don’t always want to do.

I know that’s nothing major, just an inconvenience that’s easy to work round … but it’s those little inconveniences that are stopping me switching to Chrome full time.

I want Firefox with Chrome’s speed :slight_smile:

must not forget “iceweasle” debian’s inbread firefox cousin :wink:

Mmm, I can’t remember the last time I used Firefox seriously … I know there are occasional glitches, but one thing I can’t get past is the speed difference … sometimes you may not notice, but for many things Chrome is 2,3,4,5x faster than Firefox, at the very least in terms of my perception.
[although it has to be said much of what I do is Javascript / HTML5…]

If you’ve not already seen this take a look at;

At the very least for pure entertainment … or look at the video about making the video, for reasons why you might want to work for Google … :slight_smile:

Firefox here, all the way. After all it did save me from MS ;D
Tried Chrome and Cromium for couple of months and found them seriously lacking something.
Never noticed any speed improvements over Firefox.

this proves my point that "the best " is so subjective that it’s one of the plus side of linux the choice and to me (imho) it’s firefox since i stopped using opera :wink:

what do you think this fan uses

i’d love him to work at redmond or 1 Infinite Loop Cupertino