Hard Drive

Hi my netbook got one hard drive, But it is spit into 2 hard drive, Bit it will look like two hard drives when I go to My Computer on WIn 7. Is there a way that I can see this hard drive?

If you are saying that you have a dual-boot Linux/Win7 system, and although Linux can see both partitions, Windows can only see the Windows partition, this is normal… Microsoft have no incentive to build support for other file systems into Windows.

This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but you will need third party software to do it… AFAIK there is (at the moment) no way to get Windows to read an EXT4 file system but if your Linux partition is EXT2 or EXT3 it can be done, so first can you boot to Linux, open a terminal and enter:

df -T

hit enter, and post back the results (remember Linux commands ARE case sensitive).

There are a few tools available that give read/write access to EXT2/EXT3 partitions from Windows, but I wouldn’t use one as it may allow Windows malware to mess with your Linux partition.
Instead use a read-only tool such as Explore2fs or DiskInternals Linux reader
If you absolutely MUST have read/write capability, then use Ext2 IFS (Installable File System) or Ext2 FSD (File System Driver)
(you may have to run some of these in XP compatibility mode)

But remember, these are for EXT2 or EXT3 only, and won’t work with EXT4 (the default file system used by Ubuntu >= 9.10 etc.)

EXT4 file systems can be mounted under Windows, but only if the “extent” feature bit was disabled when creating the file system.