Hard-up Iceland plumps for cheaper open source

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If only OUR Government had a brain…

OUR Government should take note. I call for a national Linux notice day! :slight_smile:

Heh … I thought you meant the frozen food retail outlet.

Panicked a bit then … thought “damn, don’t need Iceland to go under … where will we shop then” :slight_smile:

Farmfoods ;D

I take it you don’t live in the outback of Cornwall then :wink:

Nope… right smack in the middle of England… Derby :smiley:

Pffft. Get on my level. I have Morrison’s. Lol. Best part is, it’s only a straight walk (literally) from my door to Morrison’s.

Oh that’s handy info … if Iceland go under, I’ll just nip to your local Morrisons then … hell, Scotland isn’t that far from Cornwall is it.

Sarcasm by the way, in case you didn’t recognise it :wink:

… Home delivery ;D

I think I’ve spotted a couple of flaws in your idea … IIRC it’s “local” home delivery … and I’m fairly sure Morrisons don’t do it anyway :o

The only delivery Morrison’s do is the “walk to the store yourself” message.

Although Asda & Tesco are only 15 minutes down the road.